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Polokwane Truck and Trailor Rentals

Some moves are small and do not require the services of a furniture removal company. Following is a list of companies offering trailers for rent / hire in the greater Polokwane area. If you are up for it, you can rent a truck or a trailer and do the move yourself. TIP: It might be the cheaper option in some cases, but remember it comes with a risk. Most individuals are not geared to move large appliances, let alone prevent them from getting damaged throughout the process.

Imperial Truck Rentals

At Imperial Truck Rental we don’t believe a journey is all about getting from point A to B but about helping you move your business forward. With over 1 150 vehicles we have one of the largest fleets on the road.

National Trailer Rental

At Natrail we have a great variety of clean and well maintained trailers for rent fit for any purpose. ​One way and return rentals. Great prices. If you want a specific trailer - look no further! We have what you want. Right place and right price.

Power Truck Hire

Power Truck Hire is a well-established and reliable vehicle rental and transport provider that offers a nationwide rental service in South Africa. We take pride in supplying expert service at affordable prices.

Spartan Truck Hire

At Spartan Truck Hire, we provide a wide range of trucks to choose from. For moving, we recommend that our range of panel vans are used. Our nationwide footprint makes it easy for you to move anywhere in South Africa.

Value Truck Rental

Value Truck Rental is located in Polokwane. Value Truck Rental is working in Trucks and trailer rental activities. Kindly contact us for a quote.

4 U Trailer Hire

Kindly contact us for a quote if you are interested to rent a trailer. Need a trailer you have come to the right place. Suitable for a regular car, a 4x4 or a camper.

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